Vegan or not, some good ‘ole food porn can get the creative juices flowing, so to speak. In fact, I’m often times more inspired by those things which are the furthest from myself. If we constantly look to the people who are the most like us, the cultures with the most familiarity, or the tastes that feel the most comforting, then we would hardly grow much at all. I tend to be inspired by the visual more than anything. Seeing a beautiful picture of a dish will immediately get me thinking about flavor combinations, textures, colors and the way it could make me feel. No idea exists in a vacuum and I think that most people tend to be more creative when they have some references and jumping off points. They’ll usually send me off on a tangent anyway. With this said, I truly appreciate the time and effort that so many artists have vested into their craft, be it cooking, photography, music, etc. I aim to emulate the quality of what I see, and above all else, make my food taste just as good as it looks. Without further adieu, here is where I find inspiration, and often times catch myself saying “goddamnit, I hate you.”

Carina Round : Auditory inspiration. This girl will simultaneously rock your fucking face off and make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside. I often listen to her music whilst whipping up delicious delicacies in the kitchen.

Cut Brooklyn : Handmade knives crafted beautifully by Joel Buckiewicz

Gastrofotonomia : Amazing food photography. Creating art from the leftover stains on a plate.

Katie Quinn Davies : Beautiful food photos.

The Perennial Plate : Online documentary on adventurous and sustainable eating. Created by my compassionate and talented friends Daniel Klein and Mirra Fine.

Rob Sheridan : The artist behind the amazing NIN artwork I lust over. If I could have portraits taken for v-gasm, he’d be my first pick *sigh* a girl can dream…

Candle Cafe : Amazing vegan cuisine in NYC, and where I worked while attending NYU!

Camille Rose Garcia : What can I say…she’s fucking rad and one of my favorite artists right now. One day I will make a demented and beautiful cake inspired by her work.

TED Talks : Always inspiring and informative. Fun fact, my dad’s name is Ted.

Chez Panisse Foundation : created by Alice Waters, the foundation supports an educational program that uses food to nurture, educate and empower youth.

Daniel N Johnson Photography : Seriously talented and a good friend.

Karyn’s On Green : Beautiful and delicious vegan/raw food in Chicago.

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